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Buying Process

The Buying Process

Where Do We Start?

With a map and then a quick get-together to listen to your plans and interests.  Let's talk about your vision.....Are you looking for a home, condominium, land or building site? An investment or primary residence?  Close to  town, a country escape, a ski-in retreat?  Size?  Some basic numbers... and of course a lot of questions answered!  And we're off!

How Long Does It Take?

Your schedule will dictate the timeline. Some of my clients are living in to the first home we saw. Others take a more leisurely approach. The objective, always, is to direct you to property you'll fall in love with relatively quickly. But if it takes days and miles, that's not a problem!  When " you know, you know."

What If We're Located Elsewhere?

If you’re away from the local housing market, don't worry - I'm here, AND I will be sure to have you set up to receive live updates on new listings so we don't miss out on anything!

    What Happens When We Fall In Love With a Particular Property?

    That's when the numbers roll in!  We will go over all the numbers together to plan out the ideal price and terms to prepare your offer. We use Colorado Real Estate Commission forms with modifications and additional provisions tailored for you.

    What About Closing Costs, Nonresident Sellers and Transfer Tax?

    In the Vail Valley, some areas require a transfer tax at closing. Different areas have different transfer taxes, which we can discuss when you find the property that is right for you! Upon sale, Colorado requires that 2% of the proceeds be withheld from non-resident sellers by the closing agent in order to be certain the seller files a tax return in Colorado reporting the gain next year. Any excess withheld is returned. 

    Can We Do This Long Distance?

    Absolutely!  I've had clients move from Colorado to South Africa and we still had smooth closings.   Long distance is no problem, thanks to electronic signatures via email, FedEx and the wire-transfer system.  

    What Else Will You Do For Us?

    Besides helping you track and find your dream home?  I can handle the big picture and coach you through the countless little details: 
    • recommend appropriate inspections
    • coach you through negotiations, as a Certified Negotiations Expert
    • work hand in hand with your lender and appraiser to be certain your loan is approved on time
    • confer with the title company to ensure clean title, ensure hoa bylaws, minutes and finances are delivered to you for review 
    • utility transfers
    • filter through dozens of closing details and the preparation of your settlement statement
    • make sure you receive a recorded deed and title policy
    • remain your primary source of information and assistance, months and years after closing.

    How Can We Be Sure This Is Right?

    The bottom line is that I won't sell you any property that I'm not comfortable with or don't believe in. The reason? I want you to do business with me again and refer me to help your friends and family. 

    When Do We Start?

    How about now? Explore our buyer’s package and see what fires your imagination. Then grab a map and contact us to begin tracking down your dreams.